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Better. Natural. Perfect.

MILO Insulation is proud to introduce a new and innovative, all-natural blow-in attic insulation made exclusively from grain Sorghum (or "Milo"), called MILEX™. Using state-of-the-art equipment and a patented production process, our "green" insulation outperforms the old traditional itchy, dusty blow-in insulators. MILEX™ is all-natural, free of any harmful petroleum chemicals, biodegradable, renewable and is grown by local farmers on the nation's high plains.


MILEX™ offers the perfect, affordable solution to traditional hazardous insulation products. We feel it's the very best blow-in insulation available anywhere in the world, and we're fully confident You will too!

"Extremely professional business. They were on time and finished in a timely manner. Anyone who needs their house insulated definitely needs to give these guys a call..."

Alexandria, Amarillo, TX.

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MILEX™ doesn't shrink like traditional insulators so there is never a need to reinsulate

All Natural and free of any harmful or toxic ingredients

Out performs traditional blow-in insulations, maximizing 

Hypoallergenic. Never itchy & virtually dust FREE

Grown by local farmers on the high plains

Our Patented "Thermal Puff" Technology Provides Superior Insulation Over Traditional Industry Materials

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MILEX™ makes the perfect insulation because of our patented "Thermal Puff" technology. MILEX™ expands without the use of expensive, toxic polymers making it completely safe for humans and our environment. It's just plain better!

Chase H.

Serman, TX

I didn’t even know what Milex was, I just thought they were another insulation installer. After learning more about the product and doing some research, I was sold.... They were in and out in about 3 hours and everything was done perfectly. I would highly recommend their service and product to anyone needing insulation.



Joyce H.
Frisco, TX

Excellent experience from the Sales to the actual installation process. The explanation of the Milex insulation peaked my interest because of the support for our local growers, it's non-toxicity, as well as the lifetime guarantee. Overall, it was the right choice.


Linda S.
Lubbock, Texas

I am extremely pleased with MILEX (MILO insulation). I have noticed a significant improvement in my home. Very professional, on time, worked nonstop the first day (removing all old insulation- it was a MESS!). Worked nonstop the 2nd day - blowing in the insulation. I don’t hesitate to recommend to anyone and everyone.




Since 1992, we have been manufacturing MILEX™ and have years of testing and use experience. Over the years, we have seen exactly how this product performs in just about any climate or conditions imaginable.


That's why MILO Insulation is proud to offer our EXCLUSIVE Transferrable Lifetime Warranty on all MILEX™ insulation. That's a lifetime warranty for you and a lifetime warranty for whoever buys your home should you ever move! *See warranty for full details.

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