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  • What is MILEX™ 2.0?
    MILEX™ 2.0 insulation is a revolutionary type of blow-in, loose-fill insulation made primarily from grain Sorghum ("Milo"). MILEX™ has very special insulating properties, such as, increased thermal resistance, is produced without any chemical processing and renewable because its made from naturally-occurring ingredients, grown by farmers on the high plains. We think it's just plain better!
  • What is "Thermal Puff" technology?"
    MILEX™ "Thermal Puffs" are the secret to it's outstanding thermal resistance properties. Each puff contains thousands of tiny air pockets that create an amazing thermal blanket. Since MILEX™ has limited to no shrinkage, those tiny air pockets remain intact which allows MILEX™ to maintain it's thermal barrier over a lifetime.
  • How is MILEX™ with insects, rodents or fire?"
    During our patented manufacturing process, all of the sugars and proteins in the sorghum get removed, thus, rendering it a "non-food" source. This means pest, or other insects, are generally not attracted to it. We also use natural occurring Boric Powder (i.e. Boric Acid) during our curing process which makes MILEX™ flame retardant and provides additional insect and rodent repellent. Less than 1% Boric Acid is used.[1] [1]Please note that, like many things, purposely ingesting large amounts of borate or boric acid can be harmful or even fatal. Milo Insulation does not recommend ingesting its products.
  • How long will it take to insulate my attic?
    This depends entirely on how many inches of insulation you need and the square footage of your attic. An average 2000 sq.ft. home generally takes 3-4 hours from start to finish, but can vary depending on the layout of your attic. Rarely will it take more than 1 day.
  • Will you move or make repairs to any of my air conditioning air ducts?
    No. Our Insulation Technitions are not licensed HVAC Contractors. However, should we notice any ducts with minor loose wrapped insulation or minor tears we will be happy to re-tape those areas with duct or foil insulation tapes.
  • If I need air conditioning duct work (or repairs) done in my attic, should I have it done before I insulate?"
    Yes, this is recommended. In many homes, sections of your air ducts may get covered with insulation. This may be a little more difficult for an HVAC tech to uncover the ducting in order to move or service.
  • How long does an Attic Inspection take?
    On average, about 20 mins. This depends on acess to, and through, the attic as well as your attic's actual square footage.
  • On an existing home, should the old insulation be removed?"
    Not necessarily. There is really no insulation advantage to doing a removal. However, what many people don't know, is the attic is the primary source of dust and allergens coming into the home. When doing a removal, all of the insulation gets vacuumed out of the attic which then allows us to foam seal around can lights, ac vents, wire holes into the house and other areas where cracks or leaks develop. We then put back hypoallergenic MILEX™. All of this can dramatically improve the quality of the air inside the home, giving any allergy sufferers some much needed relief while they're at home. If you're wanting a more natural home environment, removal of old traditional insulations would be the best practice, but it is not a necessity for installing MILEX™.
  • How far is your schedule booked out?
    Depending on the time of year, we can typically schedule an estimate within 24-48 hours and insulate your home or business within a week to ten days.


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