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MILEX™ with Patented

"Thermal Puff" Technology


Nature's Alternative

Quite simply, MILEX™ is made from a special type of domestically grown Sorghum Vulgare, or more commonly referred to as, "Milo". The process begins when our farmer-growers deliver naturally grown, non-GMO, gluten-free sorghum seeds, or "berries", to our processing mill in Tulia, Texas.


These tiny sorghum berries then undergo our patented manufacturing process where they are passed through state-of-the-art equipment that prepares each berry. Once the berries have been refined, they are then  extruded at high-speed, and with more than 3000 psi which creates our amazing "Thermal Puffs" we call MILEX™.


Sorghum makes the perfect insulation because it expands naturally without the use of expensive, potentially hazardous polymers, making it safer, better and far less expensive than other expandable materials.

It also has a much lower carbon footprint than other grains. It is known as one of the most water efficient crops grown, largely due to sorghum's drought tolerance properties and is recognized as one of the most efficient crops in converting solar energy and water use. 


During our exclusive processing technique, the refined sorghum used to make MILEX™, all of the fats and sugars get removed rendering it a "non-food" source. This means pests, or other insects, are natuarally not attracted to it. In addition, we use naturally occurring Boric Powder (i.e. boric acid) during our curing process which renders MILEX™ flame retardant and provides additional insect and rodent repellent. Less than 1% boric acid is used. [1]



MILEX™ "Thermal Puffs" are the secret to it's outstanding thermal resistance properties. Each puff contains thousands of tiny air pockets that create an amazing thermal blanket. And since MILEX™ has minimal shrinkage, those tiny air pockets remain intact which allows MILEX™ to retain maximum insulation value over a lifetime. It's all in the "PUFF"!

[1] Please note that, like many things, purposely ingesting large amounts of borate or boric acid can be harmful, or even fatal. MILO Insulation does not recommend ingesting its products.

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