Your old, attic insulation may be hurting your health. Dust, mold, fiberglass particulates or other allergens may enter your home through your attic.


Experts say, cleaning and re-sealing your attic, and replacing that old insulation will greatly improve the air quality throughout your home and may help calm those miserable allergy symptoms.

Save hundreds of dollars with special pricing when you combine both an insulation removal "Clean & Seal" and re-insulate your attic with new, all-natural, energy efficient MILEX™.


Clean & Seal Package includes: cleaning out any garbage and debris in your attic and removal of your old insulation. Next we foam-seal around any can lights, air vents, fireplace, pipes and other small areas where dust or allergens could enter your home. Then we'll re-insulate  your attic with fresh, clean, hypo-allergenic MILEX™.

Be sure to ask your insulation technician for complete details! 

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