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Proudly manufactured in the USA, MILO Insulation offers a revolutionary kind of loose-fill attic insulation for your new or existing home. Made from grain Sorghum, grown on the Nation's High Plains!

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It was during our years manufacturing MILEX™, we discovered through our customers that our packing peanuts did an exceptional job at insulating various items during shipping. This discovery prompted our research and development team to begin looking into the home insulation industry and what we found out was eye-opening. Not only were there no truly, affordable, "green" insulation choices available to homeowners, but our product outperformed other blow-in attic insulation materials.

After the production rights for MILEX™ was sold in 2010, our attention turned to developing the world's first home insulation made primarily from naturally-occurring ingredients and without potentially harmful polymers. Subsequently, after several years of research and development, MILO Insulation was formed in 2013 and the world was introduced to MILEX 2.0. In our opinion, the very best home insulation available anywhere in the world!


Today, MILO Insulation offers our incredible home insulation products to homeowners, general contractors and home builders of any size through our worldwide headquarters in Tulia, Texas.

From the beginning, our mission was simple. To operate a profitable business by meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers, dedicating ourselves to growth, continuous improvement, customer service, protecting the environment, and providing a sustainable alternative to the building industry by providing revolutionary products made primarily from naturally-occurring ingredients at a practical price.

At MILO Insulation, we continue to hold onto these core values and deliver quality products that will save you money and positively impact our world for years to come! You have our commitment...

So, if you're planning to install organic insulation in your home, consider MILO Insulation! Our reliable and experienced team in Texas, or Oklahoma, can help you with all your insulation needs. Contact us today to get a free quote!


In 1992, MILEX Corporation developed and patented an exciting new biodegradable product for the packaging industry that replaced industry standard polystyrene packing peanuts. These new "packing peanuts" were made from naturally grown, milled  grain Sorghum seeds (or "Milo") that were grown on the high plains, using state of the art equipment. This incredible new product became known worldwide as MILEX™.

During the mid 1990's, the demand for environmentally friendly products was becoming extremely popular. As the word spread throughout the packing industry about MILEX™, the company experienced tremendous global growth. And, in 2010, the exclusive rights to produce MILEX™ was purchased and eventually sold to the largest packaging material manufacturer in the world.


Currently, sorghum continues to be used as a "green" packing material used globally by many major corporations when shipping packages. In fact, if you've received a package containing packing peanuts within the past 20 years, chances are you've already seen MILEX™!

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Sorghum seeds, commonly referred to as "Berries".


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