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Utility bills through the roof?

It may be a sign of inadequate attic insulation. We have the perfect "Green" solution.


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Offer your customers the safest and very best natural insulation available anywhere in the world.


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Traditional insulation materials lose their effectiveness over time due to shrinkage, which can cause your furnace and air conditioner to work overtime, have uneven temperatures throughout the home, along with other costly and time consuming problems. 


Comfort Issues

Does your family avoid certain rooms because they are too hot or too cold? This is a sure sign it's time to re-insulate.


Insufficient Insulation

If you haven't re-insulated your home within the past 10-12 years you are losing money and its time to have your home inspected.


High Energy Bills

Furnace or Air Conditioner constantly runs wasting hundreds of dollars every year.

Remodeling or Building

When remodeling or building a new home, insulation is not only needed to pass code, it's essential for you family's everyday comfort .

Free Your Family From an Uncomfortable House and high Monthly Energy Bills and Install High-Efficiency MILEX™ Today!

From helping to maximize your home's comfort and energy efficiency for remodeling projects or new additions, MILO Insulation has your project covered with the very best "green" insulation available.

MILO Insulation offers services for Existing Homes, New Homes, Commercial and Metal Buildings.

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