Our History

Milo insulation is an outgrowth of the first Milo product (packaging material) started in 1992, Milex Corporation invented and developed a loose fill packaging material from the same process. 

In 2010 Sealed Air Corporation bought the exclusive right to produce the packaging material and later sold these rights to Storopack America. Milex 2.0 then built a new plant in Tulia, Texas and by adding a natural flame retardant and mold retardant began Milex 2.0. Truly Green and made from all renewable source. Milex 2.0 is the perfect solution to green building in a modern world.

Cost Effective
Flame Resistant
Bug and Mild Resistant

The Truly Green, Loose Fill Insulation

Contact Information

Milo Insulation
505 hwy 87 Tulia Texas 79088