HOW CAN I MAKE MllEX 2.0 Myself?

1.) milo insulation offers installer or wholesaler the opportunity
To make milex 2.0 in their own plant.

2.) first, a visit from milo personnel will determine the logistics of producing in-house. This visit will assess the installation costs and the need for additional wiring, floor plans, handling equipment, etc., that would be required.

3.) milo insulation will install a turn-key plant facility to the necessary specs and provide training support for operators.
Milo has arrangements with equipment manufacturers to provide the most appropriate and cost-effective machinery.

4.) milo will contract with the interested party for exclusive rights within a given area, allowing the extruder co-operator to introduce the product without competition.

5.) milo will contract to sell raw material from our plant in texas at a fixed price for a multi-year period, allowing the extruder co-operator to set long-term pricing goals and guarantees.

6.) the expected plant facility cost can vary from $350,000 to $500,000, depending on the location and building set up.

7.) the facility requires the following types of equipment:
Mixers to add water before extrusion
Maddox 750 baked type 75 horsepower extruder
Quickdraft venturi system to transport
Overhead bagging bins to store
Tumbler to add borax to make extrudite flame resistant
Metering device to measure borax into tumbler
Bagging operation to fill finish bags
Tooling, air supply, and testing machines as required

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