Flame Resistant
Bug and Mild Resistant

About Milex 2.0

Milex 2.0 insulation is a revolutionary new type of blow-in loose insulation with special properties. 

Where does Milex 2.0 come from?
Milex 2.0 raw material is produced from grain grown on the high plains of the
United States by our own farmers and is neither a food crop nor a GMO grain.
Raw material is then shipped to extruder plants around the country where 49
pounds per cubic foot raw material is extruded into half a pound per cubic foot insulation.
What is in Milex 2.0?

  • Special type of Sorghum vulgare - normally referred to as "Milo"
  • Boric acid for flame resistance
  • Tea tree oil for mold resistance
  • Water stable at 10% by weight

How is Milex 2.0 installed?
Milo Insulation can be delivered on-site or to a warehouse for further distribution.

Milex 2.0 is installed with the same type of equipment used to blow in other types of loose insulation

Why does Milex 2.0 repel insects and varmints?
The raw material used to make Milex 2.0 is very low in all sugars rendering it a non-food source.

Boric acid added for flame resistance is also a repellant for insects and other pests.

Cost Effective

Special Properties

  • All natural with no toxic or harmful ingredients
  • Easy to install without protective gear - dust free
  • Cost effective
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Flame resistant
  • Strong "R" factor
  • No shrinkage over time
  • Bug and mold resistant
  • Highly conductive preventing static buildup 
  • Highly stable with no discernable shelf-life unless exposed to 
    excessive amounts of water, i.e., flooding